This week we discuss investor biases, retail flows into the stock market, and techniques on how to evaluate people.
This week we discuss fraud, JPM's Guide to Markets, and a succinct thesis on Google.
This year we discuss the best performing stock in our portfolio, take a look at a brutal year for the S&P 500, and give out a few h/t.
This week we discuss big tech investing, dollar cost averaging, FTX, and much more..
This week we review where we are in the market cycle, highlight the ponzi that is GoTo, and remind ourselves that investing is hard.
This week we discuss online casinos, how global payments are made, and the history of family offices.
This week we discuss interruptions, Sea's earnings, and how stock market charts can be highly misleading.
This week we discuss bitcoin, review facts about bear markets, and track sandwich sales as a proxy for the economy.
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