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As a further example, Buffett wasn't above falling for a fraud: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/may/19/german-company-allegedly-cons-warren-buffett-out-of-643m

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The Cost of Energy chart you published this week could not be more misleading. It compares two intermittent sources of electricity, wind and solar, with thermal power sources coal, gas, and nuclear. The latter three run 24/7. Wind and solar-not so much! In fact, the chart would only be accurate if the wind blew and the sun shined constantly. When they don't, thermal plants carry the load and keep your lights on. If we transition to a grid solely powered by renewables, then whenever "night" and "calm" happen, we'll be living in the dark. Please don't fall for the fantasy of grid scale storage of renewable power. It doesn't exist, and won't due to the astronomical costs involved to bring it to scale.

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You can read „7 signs of ethical collapse“ to better spot frauds.

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